Highlighting the essential role that clinical research plays in advancing healthcare and supporting Wisconsin's economy

Highlighting the essential role that clinical research plays in advancing healthcare and supporting Wisconsin's economy

The Clinical Trials Education Network of Wisconsin (CTEN-WI) is made up of more than a dozen partners who are heavily involved in the clinical testing of new medicines in the state. We focus on defining clinical research in terms that are easily understandable for the public, elected officials, and news media in a way that educates all about the instrumental role our industry plays in health care and the economy. Our mission is to have Wisconsin’s clinical research and biopharmaceutical industry recognized as a leader in care, innovation and collaboration for the benefit of our patients.




The Economic Impact of the Biopharmaceutical Sector in Wisconsin

Biopharmaceutical research companies have been and continue to be a good source of jobs, tax revenue and research spending in Wisconsin.

A study by TEConomy Partners found that in 2017, the industry supported more than 51,500 jobs throughout Wisconsin. Wages and benefits for employees whose jobs were supported by the biopharmaceutical sector resulted in $697 million in state and federal taxes paid.

Biopharmaceutical research companies supported the generation of $12 billion in economic activity in the state, including the direct economic output of the sector itself, the output of the sector’s vendors and suppliers and the output generated by the buying power of its workforce.

Company employees in Wisconsin include life science researchers, management executives, office and administrative support workers, production workers, engineers, architects, computer and math experts, and sales representatives. Biopharmaceutical companies also supported the jobs of their vendors and suppliers, including construction and IT firms. And the employees of biopharmaceutical companies help to support local restaurants, day care centers and other community businesses.



Total jobs supported directly and indirectly


Total state and federal taxes paid


Total value of goods and services supported 
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Research in Your Backyard

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The Economic Impact of Clinical Trials in Wisconsin

A separate study by TEConomy Partners found that in 2017 alone, there were 409 active industry-sponsored clinical trials in Wisconsin, with an estimated enrollment of 6,811 Wisconsin residents. Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases were the largest clinical trial disease area by total estimated enrollment in the state.

The investment at clinical trial sites was more than $90 million and the estimated total economic impact was more than $273 million.

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are research studies that generate data to support FDA approval of a new medicine or a new indication for an existing medication. They also grant participants early access to new medicines, which are being developed to help combat chronic and serious diseases.

In Wisconsin, 3,728 clinical trials since 2004 have targeted diseases and conditions like asthma, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

By volunteering for a clinical trial, patients take an active role in their health care by helping researchers test new treatments.